沖縄 那覇 安宿 ゲストハウス ドミトリー 朝ごはん那覇 美栄橋駅 国際通り近く Okinawa Naha guesthouse dormitory Japanese Breakfast Maebashi-station 放床位式的 背包客棧  日式早餐屋和BA


An ideal place for  gekkousou is a dormitory-style guest house is hosted inside a renovated 60-70 year-old Okinawan wooden building.

Every evening we have dinner parties with guests and friends and, if you like to interact with other people and collect information on travel destinations rather than just spending a quiet time on your own, we think you’re going to love it.

The building is an old traditional Okinawan house.

We built all the rooms by hand ourselves and they are fairly old.

Although there are no safety or hygiene problems,

you should keep in mind that such an old house requires constant repairs which we carry out while operating the guesthouse.

We offer separate bunk-bed dormitories for men and women.

We also provide private rooms for up to 3 people.

As the private rooms are adjacent to our “Izakaya” style Japanese bar,

they may be slightly noisy at night. For this reason,

they are not recommended for people who are particular about noise.

Please inquire in advance about vacancies.


We welcome guests from all over the world

(most of our guests tend to be travelers from mainland Japan).

We also have a bar (night-time) and a Japanese-style breakfast restaurant.

For more detailed information, please search “Gekkoso Okinawa” on the net.

We place great importance on communication and interaction among all our guests,

Japanese and foreign, during their stay.

Since we greatly value travelers interacting with each other, whether hanging out at night in the lobby area,

eating or drinking in our bar across the road or chatting over breakfast,

while we do have a lights-out policy, our guesthouse is still a relatively lively place at night.

For this reason, while it’s ideal for those who want to have fun together,

it may not be the best place for those who wish to have a quiet night’s rest or generally spend time by themselves.


We are very conveniently located close to ‘International Street,’

Okinawa’s prime tourist street, as well as Okinawa’s old market area and other drinking spots, and also very close to a monorail station.

“Paradise Alley,”

where our guesthouse is located, is a very quiet location and, in spite of being in the heart of the city,

it is an oasis of quiet where you can relax to your heart’s content.


As for parking, there is a coin-operated parking lot just behind the guesthouse.

It takes only 15 minutes from the airport by monorail

(get off at “Miebashi station”). Taxis charge about 1500 yen.