Acomodation price

沖縄 那覇 安宿 ゲストハウス ドミトリー 朝ん那覇 美栄橋駅 国際通り近く Okinawa Naha guesthouse dormitory Japanese Breakfast Maebashi-station 

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of establishment,

from February 2, 2020

Reduce the price of accommodation. (For a limited time)

Please come to Gekkousou at this time

Even those who have already made a reservation

will get a discount at the reception.

This year, a new generation staffs  begin to make new gekkousou.

Please come.

Let’s cheers  together at bar tsukinowa 

We are waiting for you in Okinawa.

放床位式的 背包客棧  日式早餐屋和

cancellation charge

100% on the day

The day before 50%

0% until the day before


Please contact group reservation